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Dry Cleaning


Trust us for your dry cleaning needs. Our dry cleaning service is second to none because of our level of detail and care. Your fabrics will keep their color and softness longer as well as looking great!

Laundry Services


Shirts, blouses, khakis, we can do it all. Washable garments that require expert finishing are laundered, starched to your preference, and pressed to perfection! 


Travel-Friendly Packaging


Going on a business trip? We can box up your fresh pressed shirts for you so it will be easy to carry and wrinkle-free for that big business presentation!

Wedding Dress Preservation


Entrust us with your special wedding garments, and we will make sure they are cleaned and stored so that you can pass them down to the generations to come.

Wet Cleaning


Professional wet cleaning is the process of using water, detergents, and specialized equipment to clean “dry clean only” garments. Our wet cleaning service is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional dry cleaning.



With a combined 30 years of experience, we know our way around a needle and thread. Come on in and consult our alterations expert with any of your alteration questions and we'll be glad to help. 

Household Items


We offer professional dry cleaning and laundering for your household items, such as, comforters, drapes, table cloths, pillow cases, and more. We also offer mold, smoke and water damage dry cleaning for items that have been damaged due to a fire, flood, or a burst pipe in the home.

Apparel Storage


Save closet space each season by storing your off-season clothing with us. We will first clean your garments to prevent dirt and stains from being permanently set into your clothing over time, then package and store them for you to protect them from damage due to moisture or extreme temperatures.

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